Sample Tracks

Some of the styles we produce. Please do not reproduce without prior consent. 

Past & Current Projects

Surviving The Concrete Jungle


Our best project to date. Covering Serveral genres of music from R & B, Hip Hop and Reggae to Dirty South style tracks. Click to purchase.

What Legends Are Made Of


Four of the hardest rappers to come through TRI-MID RECORDS. Several of the tracks were remixed from the Surviving album. These boys stayed in the studio. Click to purchase.

Turn Heads


From the biggest little rapper to come trhough TRI-MID RECORDS. Tore up the club scene. Not only could rap but could dace as well. Disd a Radio Edit, Club Mix, Screwed & Chopped and instrumental on this project.

20" Crawlers


Debut album for this dynamic duo. 5-DEUCE kept the club jumping and teamed up with the click to produce a down south classic.

Sex`Sa - 2 Song Demo


Working in he studio with Sex`Sa was a treat. ,,,and she always brought food. She need a couple songs to put into a promo packet. 

Linda Jones 3 Song Demo


Linda was an older R & B singer with a beautiful voice. She wanted to put toger a 3 song demo to shop for local gigs. This project was to add to her promo packet.

...more projects

Big Tiny - Record, Mix & Master


This label brought us this project because they were not satisfied with their previous studio and production. Enough said!

Anjel`s World - 4 Song Demo


This project was the intro project to her album. The plan was to put a demo together every 3-4 songs until the project was finished. 

Anjel - 2 Song Demo


Her marketing feedback told her that 2 song " Money" and "Baby Boy" should be the ones to promote. We did Uncut , Radio Edit, Club, Intrumental and Acapella versions so DJs would have an option on what he wanted to do with the project.



4 Songs. Ambush was our first venture into producing a female rapper. She was raw, street and talented. Extremely cerebral. Her rap and content was way beyond her years. Priceless.

AMBUSH - To Your Surprise


New song "Win Some Too" was added to her demo. At only 18, she was a joy to produce. Was apprehensive at first but she came in and acted like a true professional.

CESSBUD - Taking H-Town


Cessbud style was very energetic so we had to let him get crunk all aver the place and express his musical style. What ever it takes to get that "Good" we are game.



Johnny C Stafford, TX

"Could not be more thrilled with the music production services offered by TRI-MID RECORDS.  They laid the foundation for my creative expression!"


Janie S Clear Lake, TX

"I was more than satisfied with the efforts put into my ep at TRI-MID RECORDS."


Knox, Music Producer Richmond, TX

"From recording, to editing, to mixing and mastering, TRI-MID RECORDS had my back from start to finish. Been knowing them boyz since the early 2000`s"